Custom Linings

Custom Drawer LiningFormal Drawer offers custom drawer lining that will complement your decor. Custom liners are an excellent and beautiful “finishing touch” to your exquisite cabinetry.

Lining materials are available in a plethora of styles and colors, including washable vinyls, plush velvets, ultra-suede, faux-leathers, and tarnish resistant silver cloth to name a few choices.

Custom Drawer LiningOur custom drawer and shelf liners will provide you with added protection from chipping and damaging your delicate crystal and glassware and fine china.

At Formal Drawer, we are experienced in lining items as large as complete silver closets all the way through to small jewelry boxes and everything in between.

Custom shelf and drawer lining not only provides a beautiful, elegant finish to your cabinetry and furniture, but the liners also protect your crystal, china, glassware, dishes etc. from chipping by adding just that little bit of cushion.

Custom Kitchen LiningOur custom lining comes in many colors and styles to match your decor.
Custom vinyl liners are recommended for the kitchen and bathrooms and are wipeable and easy to clean.

Custom fabric liners are also available in ultra-suede, velveteen, velvet, faux leather, silk, pacific cloth with many more options to choose from.