Acrylic & Wood

The Formal Drawer specializes in creating custom-fitted acrylic and wood trays, divided for everyday tableware, utensils, toiletries, makeup and jewelry which are easy to remove and clean.

Clutter-free counters will instantly make your space seem bigger. Our custom acrylic and wood trays are not only beautiful, but they also make your contents easy to find. They help to keep you organized when you put things away as everything now has a place.

Acrylic Storage TraysAcrylic can be done in white, clear, black and frosted. The acrylic jewelry trays have soft suede cloth bottom, and the deep drawers can have stacking trays to maximize the space in your deeper drawers.

Wood can be done light or dark, whichever will best suit your decor.

No junk drawers!! Drawer organizers and trays are the perfect solution to getting rid of your junk drawer. Whether stacked to organize deep drawers or used in a single layer, they will maximize your space.

Use them to group similar items together, and for keeping loose items, like spatulas and whisks, and spoons, or toothbrushes, makeup, and lotions from getting lost in the shuffle.

Acrylic & Wood Trays Gallery